Honeyman State Park and Barbecue


This past week, we were camped at Honeyman State Park, near Florence, Oregon.  It was our first time there.  There were some things we liked, and some we weren’t as enthusiastic about.

Before we left, Rob barbecued lunch for the extended family on Sunday, as he often does.  He decided to make tator tots on the grill.  2 pans were lined with foil and the frozen tots were placed in them.  They were placed on the grill and the cover was lowered.  They took about the same time as the hamburgers.  He learned that they needed to be stirred occasionally, as they tend to burn on the bottoms.  He repeated this at the state park this week, as it worked well.


We enjoyed our time camping.  The park has 2 large lakes and many sand dunes.  We do not have ATV’s or sand buggies, or a boat, so we did not take advantage of those opportunities.  What we did was go out to a jetty and take a walk, take a drive and eat ice cream, do laundry, grocery shop, and drove back to the valley one day for business.


We feel like we are ready for a week at camp, where we are going to volunteer, cooking.  There is not wifi or cell reception, so I will be out of touch until next week.  I’m looking forward to staying put for an entire week!


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