Raccoon Tracks


Our recent snow storm seems to have brought out some furry friends roaming through the neighborhood!  Yesterday morning, Rob pointed out some rabbit tracks in the fresh snow, and these raccoon tracks.  They were still there this morning, although fading a bit.  This guy came up the driveway and cut across our grass.  Then, he meandered down the street, off to nameless pursuits.  Although we did not see the rabbit or the raccoon, it’s nice to see that there are some animals roaming our new neighborhood.  I will continue to think it’s a good thing until the day one of them starts nibbling on my garden…….Until then, I loved seeing the tracks from our new furry neighbors.



Tonight, Rob and I went for a walk around a park.  At one end of the park is a little pond, and in that pond were nutria.  There were at least 2 large ones swimming around and I was trying to get close enough to get a good picture.  Imagine my surprise when I came across 3 young ones playing near the edge of the pond.  Rob soon joined me and we enjoyed watching their antics for quite a while.


Pretty soon we started back to the van, but not before watching 2 ducks eating some bread someone had dropped earlier.  Much to my surprise, one of them got territorial and started charging me.  Thankfully, I was able to discourage him and we continued on.


On our way back to the car, Rob spotted a wild rose bush and captured its beauty forever.


Baby Pigs

image3Today, 5 baby pigs joined our little homestead.  4 are black with a white stripe and one is reddish-brown.  They were named Bacon, Ham, Pork Chop, Oink and Doink!  After getting them settled into their pen, Rob chopped up some Sweetmeat squash and fed them a tasty treat.  Our garden produced many, many squash, and some did not mature fully.  The pigs loved them!  One of these pigs will fill our freezer when they are mature, and the remaining 4 are for other people.  They will be fed on a diet of natural pig feed, supplemented with scraps of fruit and vegetables.  These pigs are a Hampshire/York cross.  They were advertised on Craig’s list and we had to drive an hour to get them, which wasn’t bad.  Rob raised this kind one other time, and had good success, so he thought he’d try them again.  Pigs are a good short-term meat project, since it only takes a few months to raise them to butchering size.