Winter Beach Day


Yesterday, we drove down to the beach.  Our intention was to take the girls to the outlet mall to spend Christmas money they had received and to enjoy a family day.  After an uneventful drive down, which only took a little over an hour from our new place, we ate lunch at a favorite restaurant.

While we were eating, rain showers blew in, pounding the windows of the restaurant with driving rain, driven with wind.  No matter how many times I see that happen, I’m always amazed at the ferocity and strength of the rain.  I enjoy watching it, especially from the comfort of a nice, warm room.  Thankfully, as quickly as it blew in, that shower disappeared, leaving us to freely walk to our car without getting drenched.  We did see several hardy souls heading down to the beach, though.  Thankfully, they were well-bundled up, as the stormy clouds promised another shower in the near future.


After eating and shopping, we couldn’t resist parking for a while to watch the ocean.  No matter how rainy and wet it is, the ocean is one of our favorite places and we never grow tired of watching the ever-changing waves.


Although we did not choose to join the brave souls who walked on the beach on this blustery day, our fun was not diminished at all by the weather.  It’s just a part of life on the Oregon Coast, and we embrace it.  It’s one of our favorite places to be, rain or shine.

Another Snow Storm


Snow is rare here.  Last week, we had a snow even that lasted 1 day.  Starting Wednesday, we had another snow event.  This one was bigger.  We still have over 4 inches on the ground, 4 days later.


On Thursday morning, Patsy and I took a long walk.  The streets were covered, and it was so quiet and muffled.  These fallen leaves reminded me that it is not technically winter yet–just the end of fall.

School was cancelled for the last 2 days before winter break after thousands of school children were stuck in school on Wednesday when it started.  Our schools here dismissed 2 hours early, and kids did make it home in good time, although it took a long while for the busses to drive slowly and safely through the ever-increasing snow.  In Portland, Oregon, they had a much harder time, as many schools did not let out early.  Some of those kids did not get home until 11 that night!  Glad we don’t live there!  Patsy goes to school close to our house, and I had instructed her to just walk home if they let her out early, not to wait for one of us to come pick her up.  It’s a good thing, since it took me more than double the usual time to get back to my house.  She just marched on home, like a trooper, and then we all just had to wait for Rob to get home safely.  Thursday was one of the most restful, relaxed days I’ve had for a long, long time.  We were all snow-bound at home, had plenty to eat, a warm fire to sit by, and got to enjoy each other’s company!


Patsy even made a snow angel on the deck.

Winter Weather in the Willamette Valley


I’ve been enjoying watching large flocks of geese come down to rest along the Willamette River near Salem, Oregon.  As dusk comes closer, they wheel in, honking with all their might, and then stole down on the grass to eat and rest.

Recently, though, we had a rare, wintery storm.  Although I did see a few land in the snow, they seemed to be occupied elsewhere while it lasted.  There were quite a few kids who enjoyed the wintery whiteness, though.


My nephew, Jake, looking much cuter than any goose ever could!


We have snow so rarely here, that the kids loved playing in it for quite a while.  I simply enjoyed the children, along with the breathtaking beauty of our brief winter wonderland.  It was a real treat!