Crabbing on a Pole at the Oregon Coast


Too bad it is a female!  Rob and Patsy spent some time trying to catch both fish and crab off the jetty at Newport, Oregon.  They have tried twice in the past few days, but so far, no keepers.  Here’s hoping……


Everything that was caught went back into the bay.


There was lots to look at, though, as there always is at the beach.  We were marveling at the size of the rocks the jetty was built with.  The kids wanted to know where they came from and how in the world anyone moved them here to build the jetty.  We don’t know.  Maybe the mountains.  Maybe a big truck.   All we know is that they are huge!


The waves were really crashing.  It was beautiful.


In the midst of it all, the wild strawberries are bravely blooming.

We had fish from the grocery store for dinner last night.  Some fishing and crabbing trips are like that.  We didn’t catch anything edible, but instead, added many more fun memories to those we already made.  This summer is not going to be the same as last year’s “Summer of Adventure,” but I have a feeling that although it’s not summer yet, new adventures are already beginning.

A Fishing Trip With a Twist


Yesterday, Rob tried fishing off the rocks in Yaquina Bay again.  Finally, he caught something!


But it wasn’t  what he expected to catch!  He ended up landing a lovely Dungeness crab!  Better yet, it was a male and was large enough to keep!

I know what we are having for dinner soon:)

An Amazing Fishing Trip


This morning, we had an amazing fishing trip!  We are back at Ft. Stevens for a few days.  Rob and Patsy got up early and went over to Coffenbury Lake, which is very close to the campground.  They fished for a while, and then I walked over to join them.  It quickly became apparent that the fish were biting!!!  In fact, Rob had just finished his 5-fish limit right before I got there.  I had Rob run back to the camper in the van and grab my fishing license, which I had forgotten over there.  While he was gone, I helped Patsy continue to fish.


She got 2 more while he was gone. We were sharing the dock with another man, and he said he did not eat trout, and asked if I wanted the one he caught.  I accepted happily!

Rob came back with Ja’Ana, who chose to read a book instead, and then patiently waited while Patsy finished her limit.  At this point, I had still not caught a single fish, but finally got one as Patsy was finishing.  I wondered if they had stopped biting and if I was too late.  Much to my surprise, I was able to limit out, too.  It took me about an hour.  We were using rainbow power bait.  We have had success with that in other places, as well, and the fish sure loved it today.

We went back to the campsite with a total of 18 fish–15 from the 3 of us who fished, and 3 from the kind man on the dock.

I baked 2 of them for lunch immediately.  After they were cleaned, I sprinkled the insides with Lowrie’s seasoning salt, and laid them on a foil-lined cookie sheet.  I baked them in a 350 degree oven for 15 minutes, de-boned and served.  I poured garlic-butter on them as a sauce.  It was left over from the garlic bread I made to serve with them.  I also had ranch dressing for those who wanted that.  (I didn’t have time to make tartar sauce today)

I froze 2 ziplocks of 4-fish each, kept 1 bag out for dinner in the next couple of days, and gave 4 to the people camped next to us.  They were really happy to have some, and we were happy we had so many and could share.  We had such a pleasant time fishing and it was very fun to catch so many.  We hope to do it again, soon.

Fishing at Lost Lake

IMG_1443In September, we went camping at Lost Lake, near Hood River, Oregon.  The weather was spectacular and the fishing turned out to be good as well.  Rob was having success with Rainbow Power Bait one morning while we were there.  On that morning, he caught a 8-10 inch trout, and Becky caught one as well.  Then, the morning was filled with excitement as he was able to pull in a huge one, which measured out at between 19 and 20 inches in length!


We had so much fun camping and fishing!