Icy Again–Really?


This winter just keeps on coming!  Here, in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, we don’t see very much icy wintry weather very often.  This year is an exception!  Last night, we were treated with another round of freezing rain.  I guess Rob won’t be barbecuing today!

This batch of precipitation is supposed to quickly turn to regular rain and should be melted off by tonight.  School was not cancelled where we live, although a 2-hour delay would have been nice.  Rob had to drive in it to where he catches the school bus with a little boy who needs guidance on the bus.  He made it fine, but left super early to ensure that he could drive slowly.  Our deck was treacherous, to put it mildly, and the cars were covered with ice.  He drove a longer way that avoided hills, to avoid slippery slopes.


The grass was crunchy when I walked out to take pictures.


It’s beautiful, but dangerous!  I’m ready for spring, but there’s a lot of winter left…..So, I’ll enjoy it while it’s here.

Ice and Snow Storm


We are in the middle of yet another snow and ice event here in our part of Oregon!  It is so unusual for us to have this much cold weather, but this winter, it just keeps coming.  Today, we are trying to thaw out from our latest blast of winter chill.


This latest event started with 4 inches of snow pouring down on us during the day on Saturday.  During the night sometime, the precipitation changed to freezing rain–liquid moisture that freezes on impact and builds up on everything.


It is beautiful, but very dangerous to shrubs, trees, people who try to drive in it, etc.  People tried to stay home if they could.  Even church was cancelled.


It was a perfect day to stay at home, cozy beside the fire!

During these storms, it is common to lose power.  We were prepared.  We have lots of firewood, and heat with a wood stove.  We have a back-up generator that the house is wired for, that won’t run everything, but would keep a few lights on and the freezers running if needed.  (I think the freezers would stay frozen for quite a while in this weather, though, since they are in the shop)  We have plenty of food on hand, and could keep some outside if needed.  Should all else fail, the camper sits right next to our house and is heated with propane.  The propane tanks are full.  Rob made sure that the camper was prepared for the ice blast by keeping it heated, the water slightly running, hot water tank warm, etc.    It’s easier to enjoy these storms when you are prepared–it takes all the anxiety out of the situation as long as no one has to drive.  No one did.  It was a very relaxing weekend!


Another Snow Storm


Snow is rare here.  Last week, we had a snow even that lasted 1 day.  Starting Wednesday, we had another snow event.  This one was bigger.  We still have over 4 inches on the ground, 4 days later.


On Thursday morning, Patsy and I took a long walk.  The streets were covered, and it was so quiet and muffled.  These fallen leaves reminded me that it is not technically winter yet–just the end of fall.

School was cancelled for the last 2 days before winter break after thousands of school children were stuck in school on Wednesday when it started.  Our schools here dismissed 2 hours early, and kids did make it home in good time, although it took a long while for the busses to drive slowly and safely through the ever-increasing snow.  In Portland, Oregon, they had a much harder time, as many schools did not let out early.  Some of those kids did not get home until 11 that night!  Glad we don’t live there!  Patsy goes to school close to our house, and I had instructed her to just walk home if they let her out early, not to wait for one of us to come pick her up.  It’s a good thing, since it took me more than double the usual time to get back to my house.  She just marched on home, like a trooper, and then we all just had to wait for Rob to get home safely.  Thursday was one of the most restful, relaxed days I’ve had for a long, long time.  We were all snow-bound at home, had plenty to eat, a warm fire to sit by, and got to enjoy each other’s company!


Patsy even made a snow angel on the deck.

Winter Weather in the Willamette Valley


I’ve been enjoying watching large flocks of geese come down to rest along the Willamette River near Salem, Oregon.  As dusk comes closer, they wheel in, honking with all their might, and then stole down on the grass to eat and rest.

Recently, though, we had a rare, wintery storm.  Although I did see a few land in the snow, they seemed to be occupied elsewhere while it lasted.  There were quite a few kids who enjoyed the wintery whiteness, though.


My nephew, Jake, looking much cuter than any goose ever could!


We have snow so rarely here, that the kids loved playing in it for quite a while.  I simply enjoyed the children, along with the breathtaking beauty of our brief winter wonderland.  It was a real treat!

Winter Is Here!


We got back from camping just in time.  The weather turned cold and wintery.  Rob was able to capture this picture of ice crystals early one morning.  A couple of days later, we were hit with a little snow, and then, some freezing rain.  Both of these are somewhat rare in our part of Oregon.  Driving on the snow isn’t bad, but once it turns into freezing rain it’s very dangerous to drive.  So, we had a couple of days at home, cozying up by the fire and getting things done around the house.

Rob spent extra time making sure the pigs’ water wasn’t frozen, and actually got a few eggs.  The chickens had stopped laying entirely for a time, so it was a pleasant, unexpected surprise.