Meet Uncle Rob!

Uncle Rob’s Outdoor and More Store is the operation of Rob and Becky, who hope to bring the outdoor experience to everyone, regardless of their age or ability. They have a lot of experience taking people into the outdoors, especially kids! With eight children of their own, they have had many opportunities to enjoy outdoor adventures including camping, hiking, rock collecting, and fishing.  But their love of adventure extends beyond their own family to their community: they have taught a 4-H club for over 25 years!

Rob and Becky would like to share some of the lessons they have learned along the way with you through this blog! With hands-on activities, great locations for family adventures, and tips and tricks, this is the perfect place to be inspired to get outside!

If you are new to these adventures or an old hand, check out Rob and Becky’s eBay site for supplies for your next trip. You can find it at Uncle Rob’s Outdoor And More! 

Have fun outside!

Uncle Rob and Becky


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