Meet Uncle Rob!


I (Becky) have decided to come in and update this post.  Today is September 26, 2017.  Much has happened to us as a family over the past couple of years.  Our family has moved.  Rob has changed jobs.  I’ve changed jobs.  We’ve fully adopted our youngest daughter.   I’ve learned so much about blogging, and writing.

Right now, we live in Salem, the capitol of Oregon.  We live in a rather small house with the 3 remaining daughters who still live at home.  Lovana is 21, Ja’Ana is 17, and Patsy is 13.  She has been fully adopted for about a year and a half, but has lived with us for over 4 years now.  Even though it’s cozy, it is the best choice for us at this time.  Rob has a shop in the back yard, and we have a large garden.  Our camper has it’s own concrete pad to park on and Rob had a full hook-up put in for it, so that it can double as a guest house.  That entire story is on my personal and family blog– Becky at Home.

I now work as a personal support worker for my developmentally disabled niece and nephew and homeschool 1 daughter and 1 niece.

Rob works for the school system as an instructional aide in a classroom for kids with emotional and other disabilities.  He rides the bus with one child and so the little yellow bus comes to our house and picks him up each morning and brings him back each night. My autistic niece finds that extremely funny, and I have to confess I chuckle at times as well.

One thing that has not changed is our love for the outdoors.  While changing houses, we lived in the camper for the entire summer of 2016, and visited many campgrounds in-between parking at my sister’s farm.  This past summer, we were able to camp frequently, and also were able to take a missions trip to Mexico.

The most popular post on this blog has BY FAR been the one about baked potatoes in the Dutch oven.  So, my next project for Rob is for him to get some more of his great campfire recipes ready so I can document them on here as well.  I am looking forward to seeing what he can come up with!


Another thing that has not changed is Rob’s deep love for children, whether at the Oregon coast, showing our nephew how to do outdoor things, or helping children learn.  As always–family time is on the top of Rob’s list.


One of the most rewarding things for Rob this summer was helping Jake land his first fish, ever.  One of mine is introducing him to camping.  Even today, as I was taking him home from the dentist, his voice piped up from the back seat, “Auntie, WHEN we go camping…..and he starting laying out his plans.”  I loved it!



Our youngest, Patsy, is showing a love for the outdoors.  It’s been really rewarding and fun to take her out and teach her to catch fish, hike and more.


4 of our beautiful daughters.


Rob and 2 nephews, practicing their serious fire-building skills!


Rob and our niece, Alissa, in the Columbia River Gorge on a windy day.


One of the purposes of this blog is to show people things and places they can experience, too, along with our family.  Welcome, and I’m glad you could join us!



I want to leave the original part of this post that my niece helped me write on that first day when she was showing me how to start a blog.  She wrote it for me, therefore it is precious to me.

Here it is:

Uncle Rob’s Outdoor and More Store is the operation of Rob and Becky, who hope to bring the outdoor experience to everyone, regardless of their age or ability. They have a lot of experience taking people into the outdoors, especially kids! With eight children of their own, they have had many opportunities to enjoy outdoor adventures including camping, hiking, rock collecting, and fishing.  But their love of adventure extends beyond their own family to their community: they have taught a 4-H club for over 25 years!

Rob and Becky would like to share some of the lessons they have learned along the way with you through this blog! With hands-on activities, great locations for family adventures, and tips and tricks, this is the perfect place to be inspired to get outside!

If you are new to these adventures or an old hand, check out Rob and Becky’s eBay site for supplies for your next trip. You can find it at Uncle Rob’s Outdoor And More! 

Have fun outside!

Uncle Rob and Becky

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