Sunset Park–Keizer, Oregon


Sunset Park is a tiny park in Keizer, Oregon. It is between 1 and 2 acres and sits on the Willamette River.

On Friday, after house hunting, we took our picnic lunch there to eat it.  Parking was on the street and there was a little path to walk down closer to the river. There was 1 table and 2 benches in a pleasant grassy area near the river.

This hawk in the picture above, has a fish.  He ate a bit, then nervously flew off.  We did not see him catch it.  There were 3-4 hawks flying overhead at times, and even a bald eagle that made a hasty appearance.


We enjoyed watching the birds and eating our lunch, some of us choosing the bright sunshine and some the cooler shade.


It was a nice place for a picnic.


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