Bush Pasture Park-Salem, Oregon


Today was gorgeous!  The weather was warm and sunny, but not too hot–just perfect for a visit to the park.  Ja’Ana and cousin Alissa had a youth group event.  Rob and I took 2 more cousins and Patsy to the park.  We had a blast.  We don’t live in Salem, so we only knew where 2 parks were.  I’m sure there are lots more for us to find another day.  The first park, next to the Willamette river, had so many visitors that there were no parking spots left.  So, we went to Bush Pasture Park, a little further south in the city of Salem, Oregon.  We found that it was much larger than we had realized and that there were plenty of parking spots left in the many small parking lots that were scattered around the edges of the huge park.

We parked and then walked in towards the center of the park to one of several play areas.  There were also trails criss-crossing the park for lots of hiking, biking and many, many joggers.  Jake kept wanting to “race” me, and would take off running, thinking I was going to run after him.  It ended up being some good exercise for us both.   Thankfully, he isn’t a very fast runner, because I’m sure not!


Michaela played on the swings for quite a while, and then sat down with Uncle Rob, who was still feeling pretty bad from his bout with this awful cold/flu thing that has been going around.  He couldn’t stay home, though, and just rest, because our house was being shown (it’s for sale). He ended up having a pretty restful afternoon anyway.  Jake and Patsy and I went for a walk to explore after the kids played on the play-set for quite a while.


There was a little creek.  Jake spent quite a bit of time throwing rocks in.  He took off his shoes, but didn’t want to wade.  He informed me he prefers the warmer water in Mexico:)  Patsy must be an Oregonian through and through, though, and spent some time wading in the icy water.  Luckily, she had worn her river sandals.


There was a large area filled with wild camas flowers.  Patsy enjoyed posing for pictures among the flowers.  Jake informed me he wasn’t going to get his picture taken in a bunch of flowers–he wasn’t much into flowers.  He was into his little car he got with his Happy Meal, though.  He created a plan to have it “race” down a big hill in a “race.” Of course, being the only car in the race, his won!


The hill!  Jake saw it as a race-course.  It reminded me of the Hobbit–and roads that lead ever onward…..to new adventures and places….


He didn’t mind me taking a picture of that!  The winner!!!



We found Bush Pasture Park to be a very restful place to spend a pleasant afternoon with the company of children we enjoy very much.  On the other end, we noticed a historic Bush house, a rose garden, and several other play structures. There was at least one baseball diamond, and a lot of trails going around and weaving through the park.  We would like to go back and tour the historic house.  We just ran out of time today, as the big girls were needing to be picked up from their youth event.