Outdoor Games


Spring is getting closer!  We had a beautiful, sunny day today and it got me to thinking about outdoor activities the kids could do.  My nephew, Jake, figured out the first one on his own.  When we were getting our taxes, he found these perfect stepping stones and had a ball jumping from stone to stone across the area.  Those are the best kids of outdoor games, in my opinion, because they use imagination.


Triumphant!  King of the Rock!!


Patsy decided to set up the croquet in the soggy, soggy yard–boots are a necessity here in rainy, rainy Oregon!  It was good to get out some of the outdoor toys and games that have been stored away all winter.


Jake loved it!  He also took the 1 badminton racket we got at a yard sale last weekend, and the birdies we purchased today, and hit the birdie around for a while.  I was throwing it to him, like one would a baseball, and he was trying to whack it back, as one would do to a baseball…..hmmmm….we are going to try to find another racket, for sure.

The kids also ate popsicles and blew bubbles.  After all, there were a few rays of sunshine!   I was very pleased to see them playing outside this afternoon.  It has been a record year for rainfall, and so they have been cooped up, playing Wii, reading, playing games, etc. more than I’d like.

When Jake’s mama shows up in a little while, I’m hoping he will be pleasantly tired, and ready for a quiet evening at home.  His big sister, Michaela, participated in a Special Olympics basketball tournament today, so he stayed the night, and hung around with us today.  We had a lot of fun!


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