Ice and Snow Storm


We are in the middle of yet another snow and ice event here in our part of Oregon!  It is so unusual for us to have this much cold weather, but this winter, it just keeps coming.  Today, we are trying to thaw out from our latest blast of winter chill.


This latest event started with 4 inches of snow pouring down on us during the day on Saturday.  During the night sometime, the precipitation changed to freezing rain–liquid moisture that freezes on impact and builds up on everything.


It is beautiful, but very dangerous to shrubs, trees, people who try to drive in it, etc.  People tried to stay home if they could.  Even church was cancelled.


It was a perfect day to stay at home, cozy beside the fire!

During these storms, it is common to lose power.  We were prepared.  We have lots of firewood, and heat with a wood stove.  We have a back-up generator that the house is wired for, that won’t run everything, but would keep a few lights on and the freezers running if needed.  (I think the freezers would stay frozen for quite a while in this weather, though, since they are in the shop)  We have plenty of food on hand, and could keep some outside if needed.  Should all else fail, the camper sits right next to our house and is heated with propane.  The propane tanks are full.  Rob made sure that the camper was prepared for the ice blast by keeping it heated, the water slightly running, hot water tank warm, etc.    It’s easier to enjoy these storms when you are prepared–it takes all the anxiety out of the situation as long as no one has to drive.  No one did.  It was a very relaxing weekend!



2 thoughts on “Ice and Snow Storm

  1. We had a winter blast here on the east coast too. 8 inches of snow followed by record cold (-2!). But tomorrow the forecast high is the high 60’s! Crazy.

    Fortunately we didn’t lose power and, like you, we are well-provisioned for bad weather.


    1. We usually have a very mild, maritime climate here in the Willamette Valley! This winter is much more harsh than usual. Last night, Portland was slammed with over 8 inches of snow–in some places almost a foot! Unheard of for years. We live further south and only have about another inch, but WOW! another day with not school……


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