Winter Beach Day


Yesterday, we drove down to the beach.  Our intention was to take the girls to the outlet mall to spend Christmas money they had received and to enjoy a family day.  After an uneventful drive down, which only took a little over an hour from our new place, we ate lunch at a favorite restaurant.

While we were eating, rain showers blew in, pounding the windows of the restaurant with driving rain, driven with wind.  No matter how many times I see that happen, I’m always amazed at the ferocity and strength of the rain.  I enjoy watching it, especially from the comfort of a nice, warm room.  Thankfully, as quickly as it blew in, that shower disappeared, leaving us to freely walk to our car without getting drenched.  We did see several hardy souls heading down to the beach, though.  Thankfully, they were well-bundled up, as the stormy clouds promised another shower in the near future.


After eating and shopping, we couldn’t resist parking for a while to watch the ocean.  No matter how rainy and wet it is, the ocean is one of our favorite places and we never grow tired of watching the ever-changing waves.


Although we did not choose to join the brave souls who walked on the beach on this blustery day, our fun was not diminished at all by the weather.  It’s just a part of life on the Oregon Coast, and we embrace it.  It’s one of our favorite places to be, rain or shine.


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