Historic Holiday Train Ride


Today, quite a few members of our family went on a train ride.  The train is a historic steam engine.  It was decorated up for the Christmas season, and lucky ticket holders could ride it for about 45 minutes.  The ride went along the Willamette River from Oaks Amusement Park in Portland, Oregon, to the Ross Island Bridge and back.


Along the journey, many views of the Wilamette River, a wetland area with many birds in it, and the city of Portland were enjoyed.


It was a typical cloudy, sometimes rainy, November day in Oregon.  However, it was quite warm for this time of year, so no one was cold or miserable.  The train itself was heated and enclosed, and there was a waiting area where everyone could be out of the elements.


The train was decorated for Christmas, and the kids enjoyed a visit and a candy cane from Santa.  After the ride, we took the kids skating and then all went out for dinner.  This was the first time any of us had taken this train ride, and we all agreed that it was a great start to our Christmas season.  It was a nice continuation of the fun our family enjoyed yesterday at Thanksgiving and gave us all a chance to visit even more. It was a great day!


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