Happy Thanksgiving, 2016


We want to wish every one of you “Happy Thanksgiving!”

It’s been a year of changes for our family, as I’m sure it has been for many of you.  We are feeling more and more settled in our new home, and our new jobs.  I’m sure that as each month passes, we will relax more and more as we get comfortable  with all of the changes.

Every weekend, we try to unpack a few more bins and boxes.  Right now, all of the extra is stacked in the shop, but we are making progress.  Rob’s got his Ebay shop all set up, and is very thankful to be able to stop working out of bins and boxes.  He has a new job as an instructional aide in the public school system, working with special needs children.  I am working as a personal support worker for my autistic niece and my special needs nephew.  Our house is much smaller than the old one, but is adequate for our needs.  We live in town now, but have 1/3 of an acre with a shop and a garden area.  We were able to get the camper moved down here last weekend, and it has a concrete pad where it will park.


We are looking forward to going camping soon.   As I had hoped, living in the camper all summer did not ruin our desire to continue camping often.  We are eager to go!  Maybe even at Christmas time.  If so, we’d better make some reservations soon!  Until then, we will keep moving forward in our lives and continue getting settled here in our new home.  We have much to be thankful for on this Thanksgiving Day.


We had a lovely day today.  We celebrated here at our new house, with lots of family and tons of food.  Tomorrow, we will continue the fun by going on a ride on a historic holiday train.  It will be fun to spread the fun with our family out even longer.  I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful, too.



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