A Day at the Pond


Ja’Ana and Alissa (cousins) needed to collect some pond water for a science experiment they are doing for their homeschool.  We grabbed Lovana and went to a pond that was not close to our home.  I had other errands in the area, and I was a gorgeous day for a drive.


I thought they were pretty cute when they took their ladle and one of the jars and pretended they were there to play golf.

They got water in 4 jars.  One jar had a little soil, one a little white rice, one had a bit of egg yolk and one some dried grass.  Now, we were see what happens in a few days.


There were both ducks and nutria today, which offered us quite a bit of amusement.  The girls sketched what they saw in their notebooks and enjoyed the sunshine.


It was a great day for these cousins.


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