Champoeg State Park–Heritage Area


Our latest stop during our Summer of Adventure was Champoeg State Park and Heritage Area.  We stayed there for 4 nights last week.  I grew up only 7 miles from this park, so visited there many times, but never camped there before.  There were several miles of bike trails and we took several rides.  On one of the rides, we rode up to the visitor’s center, near the entrance.  Unfortunately, it had closed 15 minutes earlier, but we could still look at the heritage garden outside.  We were bummed, but there’s always another day!


Clearly, if we had been able to be there during “open” hours, we would have possible been able to see some demonstrations of splitting rails, making shingles, etc.  Instead, we contented ourselves with reading about the historic barn that was to the right of the bales. There were also a couple of museums we did not visit, either.  We just ran out of time.  We did visit the historic Butteville store last week, and again today and enjoyed ice cream.  I was delighted to see that one of the girls I babysat often when I was a young teenager was running the store. It was so nice to catch up with her and see the lovely lady she has become.

We had quite a few appointments, including house hunting, orthodontist, etc., so didn’t get to stay in camp as much as we usually do.  We have looked at many, many houses over the past few weeks.  Many we have seen on the internet are gone before we can even view them.  We have made 2 offers so far and  were outbid on one by quite a bit over the asking price, decided against the other (too much repair work–couldn’t afford to fix all the problems) and now have to keep looking.

Having a campground near our regular lives was handy, and we got to enjoy a camp ground while still doing our regular errands.  We emptied our tanks.  I was able to tidy up some cupboards in the camper and do some cooking between things.  I got the r.v. vacuumed and cleaned up.  It’s amazing how dirty it gets so quickly.  It also cleans up quickly.  We got all of our laundry done at a laundromat.

Now, we are parked back at my sister’s house for the next week.  It is peach season.  I helped sell u-pick peaches all day Saturday, and am going to help can green beans tomorrow and sell peaches for a while both Monday and Tuesday.  Then, we will be off to the coast and to volunteer to cook at a camp after that. The Summer of Adventure continues!


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