Bike Ride At Champoeg State Park


Today, Rob loaded my bike and Patsy’s bike up in the back of the Rav4 so we could go bike riding at Champoeg Park.  It was a tight fit, but somehow he managed it.  She is an only child this week, as the other girls are counseling at 2 different camps, so I wanted to give her a special day.

We drove down to the Oak Grove Day Use Area and parked.  Then, she and I wrestled those bikes out of the back of the car and she made sure the tires were inflated properly.  It was a gorgeous day for a ride with perfect weather–not too hot and not too cold.

I had been down these trails before, but it has been years since those days.  In some ways, it was all new, in some ways, very familiar.  We rode down the path towards the campground area, and then followed the signs towards the town of Butteville.  There were numerous signs promising that there was a little store there as a destination.  We thought we’d try to get down there and 2-1/2 miles didn’t sound like it was very far!  After all, this was my second bike ride in about 10 years and the one last week went well….

We did very well until the last 1/2 mile before the store.  The trail ends and you finish the ride on a country road.  It is almost all uphill that last 1/2 mile, so we walked our bikes.  That seemed like a long ways to push a bike, but we were able to ride the last little bit to the store itself.

The store was charming.  It is connected to Champoeg Park, so had historical pictures and items on the walls and tables.  We got some ice cream to fortify ourselves after our ride.  After all, we still had to go all the way back.  We played checkers at our table, as the top of the table was covered with a large, wooden checkers board and pieces.  We had a very relaxing time, and enjoyed our ice cream and each other’s company.

The ride back was a piece of cake.  Of course, since we had come so far uphill, we got to go downhill just as far.  We easily retraced our 2-1/2 miles, and even took a detour to check out the campground itself, as we will be camping there next week.  We had a delicious picnic lunch we had packed, and came home.  We were nicely tired and feeling extremely virtuous, even after the ice cream.  We finished off the afternoon with several rounds of Yahtzee.  Hopefully, she enjoyed her special time.  Ja’Ana comes home Friday night, and Lovana on Saturday and our usual chaos will re-erupt.  Of course, that’s fun, too!

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