South Beach State Park-Newport


This week we are at South Beach State Park in Newport.  It is quite a bit south from Ft. Stevens, where we were last week, and is on the central Oregon coast.  We did land at my sister’s house for a few days in-between the 2 campgrounds, where we got the garden in shape, picked produce, grocery shopped and spent Sunday going to church and with family.

At South Beach State Park, there are no full hook-ups, only electric and water.  Therefore, we are using the central bathrooms as much as possible, especially for showers so our tanks don’t get too full.  There is a place to empty those tanks after our stay.

So far, we went for a family bike ride yesterday, and the girls literally rode for miles today. The bike/hike trail leads to the South Beach Jetty.

Today, Rob and the girls went out and caught some sand shrimp during the early morning low tide for bait.  Then he went fishing off the rocks at the jetty while the girls rode around on their bikes and I watched.


He used his biggest pole and put 2 sand shrimps on 2 hooks.  He was worried that the pole was too big for the job, and spent some time using a smaller one, only to return to this stronger one.  He got several good, strong bites, but did not catch a fish.  No one else we saw caught one, either, and we were there for a couple of hours.  Then, a seal came along and scared the fish away, we presume, since there were no more bites after that.    Rob has fished off the rocks before, in the ocean, but it has been many years since he had time for it.  It was fun, but would have been even more fun if he had caught something!  It was a lovely day, though, and I really enjoyed looking at the boats going in and out of Yaquina Bay, the bridge, the blueness of the water and the birds and tiny crabs scuttling around the rocks right below where we were sitting.



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