Multnomah Falls



Our summer of adventure continued with a journey up the Columbia River Gorge on our way to visit our friends in Eastern Oregon.  We took time to stop at a few places along the way.  The first place was Multnomah Falls.  We had not stopped for many years and really wanted to.


The walk from the parking lot was beautiful.  There were countless signs warning us to “leave our valuables in the car.”  When I got up to the base of the waterfall and saw another sign, I turned to Rob and said “I’m assuming you got your most valuable possessions out of the car.”  Bless his heart, he looked at me blankly, and said “I HAVE my children and you.  As long as I have you, everything else is extra.”  I was touched by his response.  I guess that’s one of the reasons we’ve been married for over 33 years.


Patsy and I wanted to hike up the trail to the little bridge.  When we got to the top, this was the view of the little waterfall.


This was the view out over the Columbia River.

Ja’Ana did not care to hike up.  She was concerned that the bridge did not look sturdy enough to hold itself up.  Rob cheerfully stayed behind with her while Patsy and I hiked up.  The path was fairly short, but did have switchbacks because we were heading up the hill.  We heard reports from others that if we had continued on the trail farther, it was “very steep.”

After hiking back down, we went into the small visitor’s center and looked around, and then walked back out to the parking lot.  It was only a short hike, but it got the kinks out of our legs for the next portion of the journey.  I would recommend it!




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