Memorial Day Weekend-2016-Day 1


We had an easy drive down to Ft. Stevens State Park, near Astoria on Thursday.  After setting up camp, we decided to go fishing in the mouth of the Columbia River.  Actually, Rob wanted to go fishing, the rest of us went along for the ride.

We drove down the road, and turned into the place where Rob had fished years ago.  Our “Summer of Adventure” got off to a great start when the road was no longer there, and it turned quickly into a sand path.  Obviously, others had traveled down that way, so we tried to as well.  We quickly changed our minds and turned around.  Much to our dismay, our van was not up to the task, and the wheels began to hopelessly spin in the sand.  Oops!  After fruitlessly spinning for a while, going a bit, then getting stuck again, I declared I needed OUT!  NOW!  So, I jumped out while Rob, with a determined look on his face, gunned the engine, got going and blasted his way out of that predicament!  Whew.  To get out of the sand, he was going pretty fast, and got a little ways down the road, while I trotted behind.  He stopped.  I got back in and we both started giggling hopelessly.  “Summer of Adventure” we chorused in unison!

The next place we tried was better.  There was a parking lot.  Nice and firm.  We parked and got out, and went down the path.  Sadly, that one led to a drop-off and we knew that we could get down, but probably not back up–so it was a no-go.  We hiked first one way, and then another, and Ja’Ana found a way.  This was through quite a few bushes, I will say, which was interesting with the fishing poles, but we made it.


Rob has a 2-pole license, so he set up the 2 poles, and the rest of us read, sat on chairs, or roamed the beach at will.  He got 1 bite, but had fun.

We were treated to the sight of the lumber ship, pictured above, leaving the mouth of the Columbia, heading out for unknown ports.  It was a majestic sight, weaving between the markers that led it through the channel.

It started raining, so we packed it up and headed back to the camper.  Day 1 was a success.


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