The Summer of Adventure–May 23, 2016


The “Summer of Adventure” has begun!  We officially moved out of our house on Saturday and are now living in the camper until we find another house.  I’m so glad that we have finished phase 1 of that huge job.  Rob moved the camper over to my sister’s house on Friday, and we snatched a few hours of sleep before heading back over to our house to finish the big move.  All of our things went into storage.  The camper is loaded down, much too full, and we are already gathering things up to take out of there to the storage unit.

On Saturday evening, my sister gave us some turkey and rice she had cooked that day to eat for dinner.  I decided to make a quick stir-fry, as we had not been eating enough vegetables during the hustle, bustle and confusion of the move.

The garden my sister and I planted together has boc choi that is already bolting, because it hates long days.  I picked several plants and just used the good stems and leaves.  I also used 1/2 a red pepper, celery, some baby carrots, some mushrooms and an onion.  I have some travel packs of wheat-free soy sauce that I used for flavoring.  I also used some garlic salt that was in the camper cupboard.  I started with a little oil in the pan and 2 packs of the soy sauce.  I stir-fried the onion and carrots for a little bit (2-3 minutes) and then added the celery, pepper and boc choi stems.  I stir-fried for another 2-3 minutes.  Then the mushrooms went in and I tasted it.  I added more soy sauce and garlic salt until I liked how it tasted.  At the very end, I added the green tops of the boc choi and only cooked for about 1-2 more minutes.  It tasted great!  It was a great first dinner in the camper.

I’m already learning a lot about myself.  First, I’ve been surprised at how slow I am getting ready to go anywhere because I can’t find anything.  I’ve camped for years, but I clearly have so many things in the camper this time that I’m losing stuff:)  Lesson:  Take some of it out!!  Second, with all my routines broken, and the huge job of packing and sorting that I’ve been doing for months finished, I found myself wandering around in circles for a while today.  Lesson:  Make a list for myself tomorrow!!  Third, I am exhausted from all the activity and it will take a while to get rested up.  Lesson:  Put a rest period or nap on my list.  Fourth, don’t let a child pour milk while watching t.v.  It makes a really huge puddle and soaks the area rugs when she gets interested in the show and just lets the milk overflow the cup.  Lesson:  Either eat or watch t.v.  Not both:)

On Thursday, we head out for Ft. Stevens.  I’m excited!  This day has been a long time coming.


5 thoughts on “The Summer of Adventure–May 23, 2016

  1. hehehehe – I totally understand this whole post!! We often wonder how we can lose things when we only have about 250sq ft of space. Its just mind boggling. We have too much in ours as well and we are constantly taking things back to our storage. I think it is safe to remove our “winter” clothing and take that over now. It will only save us a little room – but every inch counts. By the way, the veggies look AHMAZING!!!


    1. For sure!!! We can’t take our coats out, because we plan to spend quite a bit of time over on the coast this summer, and it’s often very cold there, even in summer. We also are still very much in the rainy/hail season here–so need protection. I am wishing for the room, though:) It makes sense in Florida, though.

      So far, so good:)

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