Baby Geese


Today, we packed a picnic lunch and stopped in Oregon City at Clackamette Park to eat it in between some errands that had to be done before we move.  The river was teeming with ducks and geese, and fishermen.  I walked down a closed boat ramp for a closer look.  I saw more than one family of geese, but this one was polite enough to swim right over to where I was taking pictures.  We really enjoyed watching the moms and dads swim with the babies safely  bobbing along between them.


Ja’Ana especially enjoyed eating her lunch outside, jumping from rock to rock with her sandwich in the beautiful weather.  Who says only the birds feel free on a day like this?



6 thoughts on “Baby Geese

    1. Thanks. Of course, I think she’s beautiful, but I’m her mother:) She was having a good day today, and that’s always a good time to take a picture. Who wouldn’t rather do a picnic and errands than school all day? LOL! (She did do some before and after)

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      1. I know…as mom, of course I think that my son is the absolute cutest ever, but that’s just because I am his mom. They are all cute though. You got a beauty on your hands and bless your heart regarding dating!! Lol. Yes, picnic is much better than school.


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