Summer of Adventure, Coming Right Up


Quite a few days have past since my last post.  We have had many, many changes here. I’d love to catch you all up on what’s going on.

After putting our house on the market, it sold in only 23 days.  Obviously, that threw us into a frenzy of sorting, packing and organizing.  We had been doing some pre-sorting, and pre-packing, but now we are getting down to business as the sale looks like it is going to go through and we are only going to be in this house for a short time more.

During the past few weeks, we have been able to address any and all issues relating to the sale, so far.  Rob has worked hard to fix the items that the buyer wanted fixing.  We have had the hillside re-planted with baby trees to re-forest where we logged.  We held a huge barn/tool sale and had great success with turning items we couldn’t take with us into much-needed cash.  We’ve planted part of a large garden at my sister’s house.   We are going to garden together this year.



We’ve moved several loads of wood to my brother-in-law’s and sister’s place, one piece at a time.  We’ve started taking load after load to storage, either at their house (they have an old semi trailer we can fill), or in the storage unit Rob was finally able to secure, after being on 10 lists!  Who knew?  Certainly not us, as this is the first time we’ve ever had a storage unit.  Now we know.  They are in demand!

So, why are we putting all of our things in storage?  The very same “hot” market that allowed us to sell so quickly means that we are going to have a summer of adventure–a few weeks in our camper while we choose the right house for us.  I don’t want to choose too hastily, and every house we’ve seen in our price range, that we liked, is taken before we have a chance to get our money from this sale.  (Yes, we could make an offer with contingencies, but I don’t want to feel pressured to choose quickly)

The Uncle Rob’s Outdoor and More business will continue, with most of the items still being offered for sale.  He is just de-listing a few of the odd items to make the transitory summer easier.  With the internet so accessible, he can easily run the business out of the camper.

I told Rob that if we were going to be in the camper for a few weeks, we are going camping! We made quite a few reservations for the upcoming weeks, at different state campgrounds, for a few nights each time.  We will make my sister’s place home base, and come back there in-between our short jaunts.  Trust me, we will be very motivated to house hunt after a few days in the camper. Stay tuned as we chronicle our summer of adventure!



21 thoughts on “Summer of Adventure, Coming Right Up

      1. It will! I have the same issue with the camper – it’s had to keep clean. We get it junked up with putting shoes here, books there, etc! Before you know it, it’s time to clean. It doesn’t take long to pick it all up. Lol


      2. I am trying so hard not to take too much stuff, without leaving something I will desperately need. I keep telling myself that the stores will all stay open!
        Ours will be a short time period, I believe, so I keep telling myself I can live without stuff for a few weeks, or even 3-4 months. When we built this house, our things were stacked in boxes for over a year while we built. It was a very freeing time of my life.

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      3. Trust me – I know!! lol Our poor storage unit. We had to get the biggest one they had to put all our junk in it – and I even got rid of a lot of things. That thing is slam full. Yes, very tiring!! Just think about when you have it all done.


      4. I can’t WAIT until I’m done. I find myself feeling like doing anything else but packing, but I’m persevering, and since we are going camping at a campground with our 4H club for Memorial Day weekend, right after we have to be out, I am keeping my thoughts on that.

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      5. Thanks! I did take the books to the used book store today, and got over $90, which I added to my credit from last time and bought the Biology curriculum I wanted, a few more things, and still have $40 on credit! Yea! BTW, I don’t know if you know I have another blog, where I will be updating more and more about the move as it unfolds. It’s more my daily life blog:)

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      6. Getting rid of books was one of the hardest things I had to do during the sorting process because I am such a reader and each one feels like my friend. It made me feel so much better, though, after I got to buy some needed school books with the money, and I hope the books that ended up being donated bless some other child. And, books are heavy:) I won’t have to haul these around any more.

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      7. We have purged books over the past 10 years. Hubby had books from school that he was holding onto. Finally, we went through them and sold them on eBay. We made almost $1000 off them. We have donated some and held onto some. Books are really hard for both of us to part with, but when we do- it feels good. Lol. Your donated books will be a huge blessing to someone else.


      8. Wow, you must have had some really special books. If they were college textbooks, that makes sense. We sold a bunch at our sale, I’ve taken them to Exodus books 3 times in the last year, and donated a lot. Exodus only takes certain ones, but also sorts out a box with ones they will take later when their stock goes down on that particular item. I am saving 1 box for later, even though I had hoped to be done with it today. I couldn’t resist the thought of another chunk of money! We donated the ones that they will never buy.


      9. It was a lot of “recommended reading” when he got his first BS degree in Biblical Studies. I think we had about 15 nice size boxes of books the first time we moved 13 yrs ago. After that, I decided we had to let go of some. Hehehe


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