Happy Easter


Today was Easter!  We did some things the same as usual, but many things differently this year.  The first thing we did today, was to go to church.  The service was amazing, the music inspiring, and the worship marvelous.  Easter is one of the most special days of the year to be at church, and we also had the pleasure of 4 of our children with us this year.

After service was over, things got very different.  On a normal year, we have between 20-40 people over for Easter dinner.  This year, many of the relatives were out of town, or going to other relatives’ houses.  Also, because we are selling our home, it is in “perfect” condition, and we didn’t want a big mess to clean up.  Although we did not expect anyone to want to view it on Easter, we hope that some more people will this week.  We decided to drive over to the beach, instead.  The 3 girls who still live at home went with us.


Our first stop was at Mo’s.  If you live here in Oregon, you know all about Mo’s.  If not, it is a restaurant (they actually have 4 of them along the coast) that we have enjoyed for many, many years.  They serve clam chowder, shrimp in all forms, and other seafood, along with hamburgers and other items.  We teased our daughter, Lovana, that she would have chicken strips because that is all she would ever order for her entire childhood.  She chose a salad and fries today:)  I guess since she is turning 20 this week, her tastes have changed.

During our lunch, we were able to enjoy the view of the water, a man flying 2 kites at the same time, another man throwing sticks for his very eager dog, and children and families digging in the sand.  They must have been very determined to be down on the beach, because it was COLD!  This is Oregon, but today, it felt like Alaska to us.


We decided to drive down the coast a ways.  This is the Boiler Bay Oregon State Park wayside.  We got out of the van and enjoyed the view for a few minutes, at least some of us did.  The rest huddled in the van after a few short moments, shivering.


A few miles south, we arrived at Depot Bay.  A couple of the girls huddled in the van some more while we got out and looked around.  There is a spouting horn in Depoe Bay, but the tide wasn’t in far enough to make it spout very much while we were there.


The waves were very rough, though, and they were fun to watch.  The weather cooperated with us for a while, and although the wind cut right through our coats, it did not rain at that time.

At the magic words “candy store” the 2 frozen princesses suddenly came to life and eagerly joined us on our trek to find some sea foam candy.  We bought what they had left at the first candy store, 3 pieces, and got some from the next store as well, along with some cheesy popcorn.  At that point, the girls got into the van again, and Rob, Patsy and I went into the whale watching center.


We have been at the center many, many times, but Patsy wanted to go in.  The center is free, and has stations where you can learn about the various kinds of whales that migrate along the Oregon Coast.  Some take up residence for part of the year off the coast of Oregon, but some are going from Alaska to Baja California and back again.  Today, they had seen 3 whales earlier in the day, but there were none sighted during the time we were there.  We have seen whales before, there and in other places, but the wonder of seeing them has never left us, and we are always eager to get another chance to spot one.

After that, we headed back north, stopping a few times to enjoy looking at the ocean, and eventually headed home.  It turned out to be a very happy Easter, indeed.


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