Macaroni Pizza in the Camper


When I cook in the camper, I rely on my stockpile of basic food items that I keep in there.  I also try to buy a few vegetables and salad ingredients before we take off to enjoy.  Still, it isn’t as large as a selection as I have at home.  On this last camping trip, I had to make some creative changes in my menu.

I had made some nice little pizza crust mixes and stored them in the camper a few weeks ago.  I planned to make pizza with one of them, and brought everything I needed.  I THOUGHT!  Much to my dismay, I forgot the yeast.  So, I had to change plans mid-stream.  Patsy was already grating cheese when I discovered this mistake, and that’s a girl who likes her pizza.  I remembered that I had made macaroni pizza long ago and tried to remember what I had done so long ago.

I pulled some quinoa corkscrew pasta from the cupboard and boiled 1/2 box, according to the package directions.   I left it al dente.Any pasta will do, I am just limited to gluten-free kinds.  I did not want leftovers as we were returning home soon after making this meal.  I sprayed a bread pan with non-stick spray and put the cooked pasta in it.


I covered the pasta with 1/2 can of tomato sauce and sprinkled it with parmesan cheese.


I put the remaining sauce in a baggie, can and all.  This is how I store runny things in the camper fridge, for the most part—-really sealed up tight.  I’ve had things jump out at me when we reached our destination, and it’s not pleasant to have a 1/2 jar of dill pickles all over the camper floor, or anything else for that matter.  To help with the shifting, especially on the trip home when we’ve eaten a lot of food, I pack the spaces with the dirty dish towels, as long as they are just damp.


I keep 2 small baskets stacked in the cupboard with things like spices and baking soda.  I use small containers I bought years ago at yard sales.  So, I sprinkled the sauce with Italian seasoning to impart a “pizza” flavor.

Then, I added the toppings we had on hand.  Any toppings could be used.  I start with whatever kind of cheese I have.  A leftover crumbled hamburger, the last of a can of pineapple, some olives, leftover peppers or mushrooms, some ham from breakfast, etc.–it all works.

I baked the casserole for 20 minutes in the camper oven, and we enjoyed it very much.  This could be doubled and cooked in the kitchen oven at home, as well.  You could spread the toppings out more, too, if you were trying to be economical–I was trying to use things up!  It sure was yummy, though.IMG_2296

We had it with home-canned green beans and cantaloupe.

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