Camping at Detroit Lake Campground


Detroit Lake is nippy at this time of year!  The snow is quite low on the surrounding hills. None-the-less, we enjoyed last evening and this morning camping there.  It was a great time to have a camper with a heater.  We went up for the night, before returning home for a 4H event today, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.


When we got to the campsite, and set up, it was still light, due to daylight savings time.  Lovana really wanted to roast dinner, but the hot dog buns were frozen in the camper.  I had other things planned for dinner, but was glad to change plans, since she was able to come with us.  Rob thawed the buns over the campfire.  It worked well.


We cut up veggies, roasted hot dogs, and of course, s’mores.  It was very pleasant around the fire.


Easy, quick and fun!  I’ll try to get some good pictures of the lake posted soon.

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