March 4H Day–Emergency Preparedness Presentation by the Red Cross


This month, there were so many children or parents sick that we had less than half of our 4H group that was able to come to the meeting.  Things looked a little different as a result. After all, less children means less parents to teach classes, so we grouped the members together into 2 groups instead of 3 or 4, and did lots of united learning.  We cancelled some classes altogether.

One class that everyone attended was a class with a speaker from the Red Cross.  This gentleman had slides to show to the children and parents and spoke about preparing for disasters.  He let the kids know that they could expect things like floods, earthquakes and tsunamis in Oregon, as well as fires and accidents of other sorts.  Then he explained how to prepare for those times of disaster.  He had an entire 72 hour kit that he laid out for everyone to study and some handouts.  The kids and parents seemed to enjoy the presentation and learn from it.


One thing I did not know before was that the Red Cross will bring free fire alarms to your house and install them for you.  We already have some, but I will certainly keep that little tidbit of information in mind.

We did cook in the kitchen this month, a few girls did work on their sewing a bit, we had one presentation, this presentation by the Red Cross, lunch, and then everyone went home.  It was a very low-key day, but it turned out fine.  Hopefully, everyone will get better quickly.

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