Mac and Cheese Hot Dogs


In the current issue of the Food Network Magazine, there is a recipe for macaroni and cheese on top of a hot dog.  Ja’Ana was extremely interested in this recipe and decided to make it yesterday.  She made up a batch of home-made macaroni and cheese, using the recipe provided, and pulled some hot dogs and buns out of the freezer and served it for lunch.  She loved it!

I have to admit, this was a new idea to me, and doesn’t fit into the way I can eat, but it got me to thinking about camping.  This is a great meal to take camping with a group of kids.  Any macaroni and cheese recipe, even some from a box made on the camp stove or fire, could be paired with fire-roasted hot dogs and buns.  Few paper plates would be needed, and, for the most part, the kids could carry the meal around in their hands.  Some baby carrots and/or apple slices could be added to make the meal more balanced and are finger foods, eliminating the need for silverware of any kind.

I’m all about easy cooking when I’m camping and it adds to the fun for the children when they get to try new things and eat in a more casual manner then they do at home.  I’m definitely going to remember this idea in the future!  For the adults who can’t or won’t eat such a carb-filled meal, it would be very easy to roast sausage or hot dogs on a stick, or cook a few freshly-caught fish over the fire to enjoy with the apples and carrots.


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