A Simple Walk


Last evening, Rob and I went for a quick walk.  You can’t really even call it a hike it was so short.  Still, we were so happy that it had quit raining for long enough for us to get out and enjoy a little fresh air.

We went to Cross Park in Gladstone, Oregon.  The girls were in a class nearby, and the days have lengthened enough that we had time for a quick walk while we waited for them. The trail is very short, and runs along the Willamette  River.  There is a bridge that you can cross, if you wish.  The paths are paved and are wheel-chair friendly.

As we walked along, we were able to see several fishermen and women on the opposite bank of the river.  One man in hip waders gave us a bit of excitement when he looked like he had stepped a little too deeply into the frigid waters, causing us to shiver at the thought of the icy river water going into his boots.  No one caught anything while we were watching, but we were able to share their hope of a catch for those few short minutes.


We enjoyed watching a fat squirrel eat and scamper on a tree right by the bridge.  He didn’t seem too bothered by us, except when we tried to take a picture.  Then, he ran up and down the tree scolding.  Eventually, he decided to tear off across the bridge, easily balancing on the supports, wires and pipes on the outside of the bridge.

All too soon, it became too dark and cold to stay outside and we returned to our car.  Still, it was nice to be able to get out and enjoy nature, even if it was only for a brief time, and gave us hope for spring’s much anticipated return.


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