Bacon-Wrapped Steak Cooked Over a Fire


Rob decided to use one of his new products, Grandpa’s Fire Grill, to make some steak over the fire.  He wanted to see how it worked.

The first thing he did was to build a fire and let it burn down until there were some coals as well as flames.  He could have let it burn down even further, to an entire bed of coals, but he ran out of patience.  That is the kind of thing that often happens on a camping trip when our family is hungry from a day of hiking, fishing, swimming or just hanging around the campsite.  So, he thought he’d give it a real-to-life trial.

He cut a green (not dry) maple stick for a handle and sharpened it slightly on the end with his pocketknife.  He wrapped 2 steaks with bacon and put them both into the grill. He felt it would have been better to use only 1 steak per grill because he felt it was a little too heavy with them both in there.  He was, however, able to get a good result.  Then, he clamped it shut, and inserted the slightly sharpened stick into the handle of the grill and pushed it right in to the steak.


He held the steak over the fire, about 4-6 inches above the coals, turning often.  Rob cooked it for about 15 minutes.  If a more rare or well-done product is desired, the time should be adjusted to suit your taste.  It does take a little while for the bacon to cook on the outside before the steak cooks very much.

When he was done, he opened the latch on the end and removed the steak.  He recommends using a potholder to avoid burns.  The steak was done, and enjoyed.  We are already making plans to try the grill on other food items in the near future.  One thing we often do when camping is catch fish and cook them on a grill over the fire.  We are excited to see how fresh trout taste in this grill.  We hope that the ability to turn them over easily without them breaking apart will work well.  I may have to see if I have some frozen ones from last summer and have Rob try it out before our next fishing trip….IMG_5589.JPG


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