Beverly Beach State Park Camping Trip


We recently had a great trip to Beverly Beach State Park.  We took the camper, which was a very good thing as the weather ranged from torrential rain, to extreme wind, to cold, clear and sunny.

One morning, between rain showers, we were able to go down to the beach.  It was a short, easy hike from where we were camped to the trail that went under the bridge for Hwy. 101.  Once we followed the trail under the bridge, we were able to pick our way through the debris from recent storms down to the sand.


We love the beach, rain or shine, so we were not disappointed.  We went down on the sand for a short time and enjoyed watching the seagulls and other birds on the shore.  We took a short walk, and then were chased back to the camper by the cold wind and threatening skies.  We were so glad we were able to steal even a few minutes on the beach–a real treat in December.




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