Easy Hike At Beverly Beach State Park


On our recent trip to the beach, we camped at Beverly Beach State Park, near Newport, Oregon.  At the campground, there was a little trail bordering a little creek.  One day, I decided to hike along it for exercise.  The day was rainy and cloudy, but I walked between showers.


The hike was extremely easy, although a wheelchair would not be able to navigate the path, as there were many roots sticking up and the path itself was narrow and sometimes muddy.  There were clearly signs that this little creek had recently flooded over its banks in places, but it was not hard to hike.  I wore old tennis shoes and did fine.  I only travelled a short while on the hike, as the family wanted to do something else.


A couple of days later, Rob and I went down the trail again, to see if we could make the short loop.


We walked east, down to the end of the campground on the little path.  At the end, there was an adorable bridge and we crossed it to the other side of the creek.  We then hiked west, hoping to make a loop back to our camper.


There were many beautiful mushrooms and ferns growing on the trees.  There was also quite a bit more water on the path in places.  After we had gone a while, we reached a place where the path was closed, due to a tree that had fallen in recent storms.  So, we just backtracked where we had hiked, and went back to the camper.  It was a short, easy hike and gave us time to chat with each other while enjoying some time along together as a couple.




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