Wooden Cutting Boards


One thing Rob likes to make in his shop is cutting boards.  He takes different kinds of wood and glues them together.  Then, he cuts and shapes them into cutting boards.  Over the years, he has made many different shapes and sizes.  We have given these cutting boards as gifts on many occasions.

For the last few years, this has been our gift of choice for wedding gifts.  Because the cutting boards take quite a bit of time over several days, sometimes he can’t get one done for each new couple and we have to give them something else instead.  This happened when our nephew, Geoffrey, got married this fall.  He got a different present, but Rob really wanted to make him a cutting board.  So, in December, Rob started a new batch of boards.  Geoffrey and his new wife, Keri-Anne, will get one for Christmas, along with a couple of really nice knives from the Kershaw knife sale.  A couple of other people will get one as well, and we will have a few extras for the next time a wedding gift is needed.


After the wood is glued, dried, shaped and sanded, the cutting boards are covered with mineral oil. After that’s had a chance to soak in, we usually wrap the cutting board with white tissue, and send it on it’s way to the recipient.  All the new owner has to do to care for their new cutting board is  occasionally rub mineral oil over the cleaned surface.  Otherwise, they just need to wash the board in a sink, with hot, soapy water as they would do with any other cutting board.  Rob does not recommend washing them in the dishwasher, or soaking them for prolonged periods of time in water.  It may ruin them.


Here is the finished product, ready to go to its new home.




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