Munsen Falls


Last spring, we went on a hike to Munsen Falls.  It is located near Tillamook, Oregon.  When visiting the coast, we had seen the sign many times, but never stopped.  When on a day trip, which included the Tillamook Cheese Factory, we finally stopped.  We did not read about the falls before we went, so it was all new to us.  Here’s what we found.

The road leading into the State Park area was very rough, but we drove slowly and made it fine.  Once we arrived, there was a gravel area to park and turn around in.  In March, 2015, there were not very many people there, even though it was spring break.  We started along the trail, and found it was very easy to navigate.  It was also very short.  Later, I looked it up and found it was .6 miles.


We saw many pretty wild flowers along the path, including this trillium.


It was very lush and green.  Soon, we reached the falls.  It is reported to be the tallest waterfall in the Coastal Range and it was beautiful.  You could not walk in very close to the base of the falls, though.  There were signs stopping people from that, but we got a good view of the falls, a short hike to stretch our legs, and had a nice time with the family.  We would recommend it for people of all ages, but not someone in a wheelchair–the path was too uneven for that, in our opinion.  We hope to go back.IMG_0974


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